Heres what you’ve all been waiting for! The full list of strains entered!


  1. Indica AA: Lindsay OG by Bakersview Farms — 3RD PLACE
  2. BubbaLoveBy-SpicoliB: Bubba Love by Spicoli
  3. indica cC: Royal Purple Kush by CanDigit
  4. indica dD: UBC Chemo by Stash
  5. indica eE: Purple Aloha by Mr. White
  6. indica_F_MasterKush-by-Lonny3WTM_edited-1F: Master Kush by Lonny — 2ND PLACE
  7. indica_g_UBC-Chemo-Roco4WTMG: UBC Chemo by EVO Medicinal Society
  8. Indica_H--Death-Bubbaby-D'Fro_edited-1H: Death Bubba by D’Fro
  9. indica iI: Pink Kush by Juice
  10. indica jJ: Strawberry Kush by
  11. indica kK: Master Kush by AC
  12. indica lL: OG Kush by Urban Grower — 1ST PLACE


  1. hybrid-aA: Girl Scout Cookies by Heavenly Daze — 3RD PLACE
  2. hyrbid bB: Sugar Bear by MGL Gardens
  3. hybrid-cC: White Widow x Fathers Profit by Stash
  4. hybrid dD: LSD by Stash
  5. hybrid eE: Chocolate Chunk by Lonny
  6. hybrid-fF: Purple Candy by Vannabis Farms
  7. hybrid-gG: Cali Orange by Mista T
  8. hybrid-hH: Green Crack x God Bud by Kaneh Bosm
  9. hybrid-iI: Siskaberry by Juice
  10. hybrid jJ: HeadBand Kush by Urban Grower — 2ND PLACE
  11. hybrid kK: Green Crack x God Bud by Destiny Grow Systems — 1ST PLACE
  12. hybrid lL: Seaward by SJ
  13. hybrid mM: LSD by Bruce Lee


  1. sativa aA: Super Lemon Haze by Guano — 1ST PLACE
  2. sativa bB: HempStar by MGL Gardens
  3. sativa cC: Super Silver Haze by MGL Gardens
  4. sativa dD: Lemon Lime Jones by West Hill Runners club — 2ND PLACE
  5. sativa eE: Chocolope by Rocky’s Kush
  6. sativa fF: Lemon Haze by Green King
  7. sativa gG: Jack Herer by Miss Envy
  8. sativa hH: Congolese by Great Gardener
  9. sativa iI: Lemon Lime by Tera Farms
  10. sativa jJ: Congolese by Urban Grower
  11. sativa kK: White Widow by MGL Gardens — 3RD PLACE
  12. sativa lL: Atomic Haze x Love Potion by GrassRoots Organics


  1. cbd aA: CBD Renee by Great Gardener — 1ST PLACE
  2. cbd bB: Envy #4 by Miss Envy — 2ND PLACE
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